Details Of Sobriety Tests In Texas

Three separate tests make up the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests in Texas,and each is outlined below per defense lawyer:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is commonly called the flashlight test and it tests whether the eyes jerk when following the visual stimuli,which is typically a pen or small flashlight. While undergoing this field sobriety test,the officer will instruct you to use your eyes to follow the item in a horizontal line,while observing whether your eyes jerk during the process.

Walk and Turn

While administering this sobriety test,the officer will instruct you to walk 9 steps in a straight line,heel to toe. You will be further instructed to turn and do it in the opposite direction. You will then be graded by the officer on clues of intoxication. These are the ability to maintain balance during the instruction phase,starting too soon,doing the incorrect number of steps,stepping off the line,missing heel to toe by over ½ inch,raising your arms in excess of 6 inches from your side,turning improperly and stopping while walking. It takes being unsuccessful on 2 clues for you to fail. In addition,you will be provided with the instructions only once and will be shown how to get it done once.

One-Legged Stand

In this test,you will be instructed to stand on one of your feet lifted 6 inches off the ground. You will be further instructed by the officer to point your foot,extend your leg and count aloud for 30 seconds or until the officer asks you to stop. They are looking to see if you sway,drop your foot,hop or raise your in excess of 6 inches from your side. It takes 2 clues to fail and this test is also administered only once.

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