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Mu Alpha Theta


General Information

Welcome to the Mu Alpha Theta Homepage.

We are the chapter of the National Math Honors Society here at Northwest HS.

We provide math tutoring throughout the school year.

We also tutor in the major after-school tutoring sessions just before midterms and finals.


There are tutors for every math class, Algebra through AP Stat.

Tutoring is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, during lunch.

Please go to your math teacher's room and tutors will come around at the beginning of lunch to offer their assistance.


Schedules with tutor names and specialties are posted on the tack board outside of Ms. Diggs classroom.

Announcements For Members

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 22, 2022 in Ms. Diggs room (316) during lunch.

Everyone remember to turn in your $5 to Oliver for the end-of-the-year banquet.


Seniors, if you have done your tutoring in April then you have done your last required tutoring. If you are not "in good standing", meaning have not meet your tutoring requirements or missed meetings, then then you WILL NOT recieve a cord for graduation and you WILL NOT be noted as a member of the Math Honors Society at graduation.

Everyone PLEASE remember your tutoring date. If you did not write it down there is a list on the bulletin board outside Ms. Digg's room. If you forgot and missed your date or cannot make it PLEASE talk to Ms. Digg about rescheduling BEFORE the end of the month.

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