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  1. Northwest Reads
    Links to Sites for Reading Help
    Reading Rockets: gives help to r struggling readers-Don’t be put off if this at first glance looks childish. It is not.
  2. Find a Book This site, backed by research reports, gives pathways for Reading Success and Career Success.
  3. Black Eyed Susan List of popular young adult books
What is my child’s reading level? Follow the 3 steps:
  1. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Compare Score to Lexile Level-> Click on document for rough Conversion of MAPR to Lexile Level-
  3. Go to Lexile Over View Video Files This link explains what is a “lexile” level and how to connect your child with good books at their level to increase reading growth and background knowledge.
  4. For a list of books of interest and reading level for your child, click on: Books of Interest Input your child’s lexile level- subtract a 100 points to find the low lexile score and add 100 points to find the high lexile score. You now will fill out a reading inventory list and VOILA! Click to a reading list for your child.

Young Adult Book List and Reader Levels

Click the pictures to find a list of some old time favorites for the young adult

  1. Word Up! Hot Summer Reads, Free Downloads,Asian Pacific Heritage.
  2. Northwest students have enjoyed these books (SSR survey , 2007)

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