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About The Ulysses Signature Program

The Ulysses Project Experience is a four-year program that encourages student-initiated explorations in areas of strong interest among the Ulysses Project themes: (1) Arts and Humanities; (2) Public Policy and Public Service; and (3) Math, Science and Technology. By formulating and exploring their own questions in areas of strong interest, students play an essential role in determining the course of important aspects of their high school education. Through independent research and original, technology-infused presentations, students will experience various modes of inquiry while learning to use their minds well. The namesake for our Signature Program is Odysseus (Ulysses in Latin), one of the most famous figures from Greek mythology. Odysseus´┐Ż arduous but instructive ten-year journey home to Ithaca serves as a metaphor for our work together. Students who participate in the Ulysses Program will study, create, and achieve in an intellectual and nurturing community of learners. Admission is open to all Northwest students as rising freshmen. Signature Program Coordinator: Suzanne Borenzweig E-mail: Suzanne Borenzweig Phone: 301-353-8245

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