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UPDATE FOR 2008-2009
Business Manager 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM.- Financial Asst. 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM.

The purposes of the Independent Activity Funds are to promote the general welfare, education and morals of the students and to finance the recognized extracurricular activities of the student body. Any staff member who sponsors a school club, fundraiser, field trip or event where monies are collected is the sponsor of a corresponding account in the business office. The sponsors are to maintain accurate, up-to-date records throughout the school year and turn in the account folder as part of the year-end clearance procedures. The account folder will contain copies of receipts and check disbursements returned to you from the financial office after each transaction and your copy of every monthly statement. The monthly statement is similar to a bank statement. It is distributed each month for the prior month. Sponsors are to sign if in agreement, date, make a copy for their folder and return the original to the financial office within 5 working days with no exception. If an account sponsor fails to return a signed account statement, a �hold� will be placed on the account. Under no circumstances are sponsors or students to keep money in classrooms, take money home or place cash in our mailboxes.

  1. Receipts/Deposits

    All deposits will have a completed deposit slip (available in the Financial Office) with the name of the activity and/or club (pizza sale - Ambassadors). Coins do not have to be rolled but do have to have a sub-total for the deposit. Please do not have students counting money in our office preparing to make a deposit. Whenever possible, deposits should be made by 1:00 P.M. If necessary, deposits will be held for the next day�s deposit in the school safe.
  2. Checks/Dispursements

    Check disbursements require a �Request for Purchase� MCPS Form 280-54 (available on the school website, the MCPS website and in the business office). A purchase over $300 requires Pre-Approval. All supporting documentation (receipts, receiving/packing slip) must be attached to the Request. Checks will be written twice a week so PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. There is usually about a one week turn around depending on the Principal�s and Business Manager�s availability to sign checks. Account sponsors are reminded that Sales Tax is not reimbursable. A tax-exempt card is available for use when making school purchases.
  3. Payments For Services

    Payments to MCPS employees (anyone with an MCPS ID number) for personal services is handled through the payroll system with no exceptions. The IRS requires a W-9 form to be completed by Non-MCPS people performing personal services & turned in to the Financial Office before payment. The W-9 form is available in the Financial Office, on the school website and MCPS website as well. It can also be emailed if requested. Only one form per calendar year is necessary.
  4. Fundraisers

    • All fundraisers require pre-approval by the Business Manager. Prior approval is necessary before any contracts are signed or commitments are made. All contracts must be signed by the Principal. This is MCPS policy.

    • Complete and submit a fundraiser request form (school website or Business Office) and attach any pertinent literature about the product. The request form should include an estimated budget (expenses, sales and profit).

    • The Business Manager keeps a fundraiser calendar to prevent conflicts with similar fundraisers.

    • All monies must be turned in and may not be used for cash reimbursements, tips or other unauthorized purposes.

    • A separate fundraiser account will be opened with the first deposit or disbursement. The sponsor must also keep a separate folder and all records for this account for year-end checkout.

    • After all necessary payments have been made in connection with the fundraiser, any profit made will be transferred into the sponsoring activity account.

    • Within 30 days of the completion of the fundraiser, the sponsor must submit the Fundraiser Completion Form along with the MCPS Inventory of Salable Merchandise (#281-22) (ex: sale of t-shirts with inventory remaining). See Bus Mgr for more details.

    • Sales Tax is required on the sale of items which become the property of an individual. Please refer to the Sales Tax included in your account folder provided to you by the Business Office.

    • No fundraisers should be held after May 15.
  5. Field Trips

    The same procedures are followed for Field Trips with a few variations.
    • Field Trips also have a separate account.

    • Prior approval is required on a Field Trip Request form. This form must be submitted 4 weeks before the planned date of the trip.

    • The FT Cost Information Sheet is required as well.

    • A �Field Trip Accounting� form (MCPS 280-41) is required with every deposit (school website).

    • Please check the MCPS Approved List of Carriers (link on the school website) for each trip when using non-MCPS transportation. Updated charges for MCPS buses are included on the Trip Approval form for trip calculations.

  6. Obligations

    • Teachers/Coaches/Sponsors enter obligations on FileMaker Pro. Ask your Resource Teacher for instructions on obligation entry into the system.

    • Each student should receive a copy of an obligation. Obligations for the first semester must be entered by mid-January and obligations for the second semester must be entered by mid-May. The exception to this will be only for textbooks and uniforms still being used.

    • To clear obligations, students may come to the financial office window before school from 7:00 to 7:25 AM, during lunch and after school until 2:45 PM.

    • DO NOT send students to the Business/Financial Office during class time. Please stay within the times listed above.

    • No one should clear an obligation except the Financial Office. If you do accept a uniform or book for some reason, you must remember to let the Business Office know so we can remove it from the Obligation Database.

    • LIBRARY OBLIGATIONS should be cleared in the Media Center and a �cleared� note brought to the Financial Window by the student to be removed from the obligation database.

  7. Textbook Tracker

    The tracking of all textbooks is handled through the Business/Financial Office. Teachers must be diligent in the scanning out and scanning in of ALL textbooks. If you forget to scan any books back in when returned, that book becomes an obligation for the student. This leaves the Business/Financial Office to clear up your mistake. More information and training on Textbook Tracker will be provided.
  8. Tickets

    Tickets for events require contact with the Business Manager 2 weeks prior to the event. The rules of using tickets will be explained at that time. All tickets must be accounted for and a Ticket Report completed after the event. Money must be deposited immediately. If start-up cash is needed, the sponsor must complete a check request 2 weeks in advance. The start-up cash should be turned in with the deposit.
  9. Monthly Account Statements

    All activity account sponsors will receive a copy of their monthly account statement if any transactions have occurred that month. Account Sponsors should verify this printout. If there are any discrepancies, the account sponsor should set up an appointment with the financial assistant to review the account immediately. The sponsor MUST KEEP all copies of deposit slips, check requests and transfers to be returned to the financial assistant in June as part of our year-end clearance procedures.

    If the monthly printouts are correct, the account sponsor is required to sign and date the statement, make a copy for their records, and return the original with 3 days to the financial assistant. A signed copy must be returned to the financial assistant, without exception.

    When an account sponsor fail to return the monthly account reconciliations report, a �HOLD� will be placed on the account. Disbursements will not processed until the delinquent account reconciliation report is returned the financial assistant.

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