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Safety and Security
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Northwest High School


This link has been developed for the Northwest HS community in order to:·

  • Identify our core beliefs regarding the safety and security of Northwest High School and its school culture.
  • Highlight our shared vision by clarifying what our core beliefs look like in practice.
  • Present accurate data to identify where the school currently is compared to the shared vision of where it should be.
  • Identify what will happen to close the gaps between current reality and the vision.
  • Share the implementation of a systematic action plan to address student behavior and the discipline policy.
  • Embrace collective accountability in closing the gaps of miscommunication, expectations, and perceptions related to student, staff, and community safety.


Students are expected and required to conduct themselves as mature and responsible individuals in all school activities. In view of this requirement, the school reserves the right to exclude from participation in a school activity, any student whose behavior is contrary to this standard whether on MCPS property or at any MCPS sponsored activity.

In any school it is necessary that rules and regulations be established for the safety and well-being of all. Each student is expected to recognize that the school’s authority extends from within the building itself, to the walls surrounding it, to the parking lot, and to the buses and bus stops. Disruptive behaviors not only endanger students and teachers but they also inhibit teaching and learning from occurring in school. The discipline policy outlines expectations for each student and tells the student what will happen if a rule is violated. The purpose of the policy is to help each student fully understand what is expected, so that the student will make responsible choices with regard to his/her behavior. The following consequences will be applied when violations of the rules and regulations occur. All decisions are subject to the appeal process as outlined in the MCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

Each student received a Rights and Responsibilities Handbook at the beginning of the year. Within the handbook is a list of Countywide Violations for which carry a consequence ranging from a Parent Conference to Recommendation for Explusion and Police Referral. Please click the link below and scroll to page 10 to view the list.

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