Web Content Guidelines

Northwest Web Content Guidelines

The following guidelines were borrowed from the MCPS web site and QO's site. As NWHS guidelines are consistent with MCPS guidelines they have been posted almost verbatim. Failure to comply with the following web content guidelines could result in the removal of the link that connects the NWHS site to your site.

Educational Purpose

The establishment of a NWHS Web page on the Internet must have an educational purpose. Educational purposes are defined as those uses "directly related to any instructional project, job, work assignment, task, or function for which the user is responsible." See Regulation IGT-RA: User Responsibilities for Computer Networks and Network Security (28K PDF) . The following should be used as working guidelines for the creation of a Web page on the Internet.


Information may not be posted if it:

  • jeopardizes the security of NWHS data.
  • violates the privacy of others.
  • jeopardizes the health or safety of students.
  • is obscene.
  • is libelous.
  • causes disruption of school activities (i.e., encouraging a riot, destruction of property, etc.).
  • violates copyright (see Regulation EGB-RA: Using Copyrighted Materials and Regulation EGB-EA: Guidelines for Educational Copying [24K PDF] ).
  • plagiarizes the work of others.
  • is a commercial advertisement.
  • is not approved by the school administrator or designee (if it is a school home page), or a central office supervisor (if it is a non-school-based home page).

See Regulation JFA-RA: Implementation of Student Rights and Responsibilities. (124K PDF) Pages 9-11, section F3, F4 and F5 provide additional guidance.

Student Information

Do not post student home addresses or phone numbers. Student names should not be published if the parent has withheld consent on the fall directory information form. Student e-mail addresses may only be published with parental permission. Even with such approval, fully identifying students in connection with their school location is not recommended.

Staff Information

Do not post staff home addresses or phone numbers. Staff names, work phone numbers and e-mail addresses should not be published if the employee has withheld consent to publish the information on the school or office Web site.


Photographs that identify individual students by their full name or identify them as special education by context or content may be published only with a signed parent consent form. Even with such approval, fully identifying students in connection with their school location is not recommended. See Regulation KBA-RA: Public Information. (16K PDF)

Required Information

All school and office Web sites should include the following:

  • School banner.
  • MCPS global footer (includes text links to major pages, MCPS privacy statement, etc.) on home page (ideally on all pages).
  • Name and e-mail address of web master on site home page.
  • Date the home page was last modified. Other pages also should include date they were last modified. Use of consistent elements throughout the site helps visitors navigate and understand that they are within a site for a single organization, regardless of the office or school Web site they click through. Contact information and dates are vital, as they convey the validity, accuracy and trustworthiness of the site's information.


All links should be tested for validity. Links should be tested on a regular basis to assure they are not broken.

Notification of Problems or Issues

If any MCPS employee becomes aware that a web page contains questionable material, the employee is expected to notify the immediate, responsible administrator, teacher or supervisor who will determine if any applicable policies, guidelines, rules, or regulations have been violated and take the appropriate action.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 September 2022 )