Reporting a Car Wreck in Birmingham,Alabama

Being involved in an auto accident can be terrifying and nerve wrecking. This is why so many people panic after being involved in an accident and often end up causing more harm. However,there are some fundamental rules to bear in mind if you are ever involved in an auto accident,including reaching out to a [dcl=6637].

Firstly,you should never drive away from the scene of the accident,irrespective of what you hit be it a moving car,parked car,a pedestrian or perhaps someone else’s property. You are required by Alabama state law to stop and stay at the scene in order for contact information to be exchanged,if necessary and then offer “reasonable assistance” to anyone who is injured in the accident. One of the consequences of leaving the scene is that you could be charged with a hit and run case and face criminal charges.

Secondly,you must contact the police irrespective of how minor the accident is. An officer will respond to the scene of the accident and take your report. In the event that you hit a parked vehicle or any other object such as a traffic device,you have the responsibility of informing the owner. Another requirement is that within 30 days of the crash,the accident should be reported to the Alabama Department of Public Safety. The form you need to fill out is called an SR-13.

You can obtain this form either from your local police department or online. The form must be completed and mailed along with a money order for $15. You should also report the matter to your insurance company who will then conduct an investigation.

As a rule of thumb,when reporting an accident in Birmingham,Alabama,never admit who was at fault or information about who was to blame for the accident. You should also not agreed to pay any damages or sign any documents aside from a traffic ticket. However,cooperating with the police officer is imperative. If you decide to file a lawsuit,contact an attorney who will provide you with details on where and when to appear in court.

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