Genshiken Club

Genshiken (Anime) Club Tournament

Going into this tournament, things were looking pretty grim. We had to reschedule twice, videos had to be made and remade, posters needed editing, and customers were backing out. Come the day of the tournament, all us, the staff, were exhausted. To connect everything and to prepare the TVs and food table and ticket table was really the home stretch though! Much to our pleasant surprise, the new date was a bit more convenient for many people, and the turn-out was much higher than expected. The excitement and feeling being in the room with so many like-minded gamers was euphoric. The Super Smash Brothers tournament, our main attraction, held much of the attention for a majority of the time span. The battles were epic, the rivalries amazing. It all boiled down to a one on one, Kendall versus Tito. In an amazing upset, perhaps the greatest since the Giants versus Patriots, Tito reversed the stacked odds against him to come out on top. The amazing cheer, the excitement, the shock- well worth all the effort put into this. All in all, this was an amazing experience for both staff and attendee. So, expect for a tournament or two next year! (Click for a photo collage)

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