General information:

The theme for the 2008/2009 yearbook will be Cloud 9: The 11th Anniversary Edition


  • Kristen Weidenfeller
  • Anna D’Alessio

All preorders for the yearbook will go directly to Walsworth, the yearbook company. You can order online at Buy A Yearbook. Enter (9061810) for the school code. People who preorder their yearbooks will save up to $35. The only way to personalize the yearbook with namestamping and icons is to preorder the yearbook by January 9th.

Personal ads and baby picture ad space are also available. Orders are due by December 4, 2008. Order forms are available from the yearbook office, Room 217, or you may download a form from the link below.

Personal Ad Layouts

Below are the Ad layouts available if you are considering placing an add in the 2008/2009 Northwest Year yearbook.(click on the images to enlarge)

Click here for the Personal Ad Form

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